title YESDEX 2016 Another Successful Promotion of Shinhung
date 2016.11.14
-Substantial promotions & events draw visitor's attention
- Lots of visitors to Hands-on booths; SIS · TF Adaptive · Denture Liner, etc.

On November 12th and 13th, at Busan’s BEXCO exhibition hall, Shinhung put on a display of its products at YESDEX 2016. With is booth concepts and products on display, visitors were drawn towards SHinhung.

For the two days of YESDEX, Shinhung’s diverse and bestselling product line, along with the events offered caught the visitors’ attention.

One of these events was the discount offer on purchases of over 10 grams of GOLDENIAN precious metal alloy.

With the DV Supporters present at this convention, visitors to the implant or endodontics booth hand the opportunity to try the products first hand and consult with dentists who are using the products. This allows the visitors to ask detailed clinical questions that others have been unable to answer.

Visitors to the implant booth had the added promotion of a special on the SIS Starter Kit, an offer applied with the purchase of an implant motor, making this booth a great area to gew new equipment.

The endodontics booth showcased the newly released TF Adaptive Motor with a hands-on area. The many interested guests were able to learn exactly how it operates in a clinical environment from those already using it. This motor helps to overcome reciprocating motion with a system that alters the motion based on the torque requirements of the root canal. This process lengthens file life, enhances residue extraction, and reduces postoperative pain. Since launch earlier this year, this motor has proven to be highly attractive.

The permanent adhesive cement Nexus RMGI, universal bonding agent Optibond Versa, and Denture Liner all received warranted attention, with each product excelling at their task. Additionally, the ALU:Cap and Taurus C1 have been favorites since their release.

Visitors to Shinhung booths during the event also received a coupon for the 2016/2017 Shihung General Catalog, with 700 pages of detailed information on all of Shinhung’s products.


Shinhung said "We will constantly focus on the products and events to meet and satisfy the end user's needs at every exhibition.  Our goal is to maximize the contact points with our customers."