title Shinhung celebrates 1 year anniversary of the Shinhung Yang-Ji Training Center
date 2016.11.15
- Around 50 visitors from dental industry visited the center... Designed and developed as an optimal location for dental education
- 'SID Hall of Fame' unveiled.

On November 14th Shinhung celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the Shinhung Yangji Training Center. The event commemorated the first year of operation for the center and expressed gratitude towards those who have been utilizing its facilities. The ceremony focused on the value, purpose, and Shinhung’s desire to expand dental education through this center.

The event started with a film containing 50 or so dental associations, organizations, and academies who have use the facilities over the course of the past year. Also attending the event were SID Chairman, Professor KyuSung Cho, Dr. MooGyeong Sung, and other SID organization members.


In his congratulatory message, Professor Cho said, “I feel very proud that many visitors have been using this facility to aid their learning and enhancement of dental knowledge in line with Shinhung’s philosophy. We anticipate some great things in the future with Shinhung’s ability to provide for both SID and this training center.”

Dr. Sung followed this, stating “As the Chairman of the Shine Dental Conference, it is wonderful to be able to contribute to the academic focus of this company. It is my hope that the Yang-Ji training center can be something dentists rely on in the future.

The induction of the initial SID Hall of Fame helped to underscore the event. Consisting of a group photograph of the SID Committee Members, the Hall of Fame helps to recognize those who are contributing to the continuing improvement of dental education.

The Yang-Ji Training center has around 30 rooms for guests to stay the night, lounges, cafeteria, a lawn for outside activities, and multiple classrooms of varying sizes that allow for visitors to focus solely on learning.

This center can serve lecture rooms for education and group activity, around 30 accommodations, lounge, cafeteria, lawns for outside activity, especially high speed handpiece practical rooms for visitors who needs an efficient training place for hands-on.

These facilities will be utilized by the A.T.C. Implant Institute, a leading implant research institution that focus on the education of dentists to the most recent knowledge.

One visitor said, “This place is perfect for dentists. I was able to concentrate on the training more easily than anywhere else.”

Shinhung has stated “We hope this facility becomes a model for the future of academic dentistry and aids in communication amongst practitioners, developing into a hub for coworking and coordination.