title ‘Philippines Manila Association of Dentists’ visit Shinhung exhibition booth, Headquarters and Yang-Ji training center
date 2016.10.31
- Participate in hands-on in CDC2016 and various events
- Visit Shinhung HQ museum and Yang-Ji training center
- “We would like to cooperate with Shinhung for future programs in Korea”


At the end of October, Shinhung has the pleasure of receiving guests from the Philippines Manilla Association of Dentists. The dentists took part in CDC 2016 at the Sejong Convention Center, visited Shinhung Headquarters, and the Shinhung Yang-Ji Training Center.

The guests visited each Shinhung booth at CDC and showed a particular interest in the dental implants and dental unit chairs, and participated in some of the events organized by Shinhung.

On October 24th, the dentists were introduced to the Shinhung Yang-Ji Training Center and toured, and experienced the facilities with lectures and an overnight stay. One doctor commented on the educational experience provided by Shinhung stating, “I’ve learned about the many useful education programs Shinhung is able to provide.”

The following morning, at the Shinhung Headquarters, the dentists had the opportunity to see the dental museum, training center, and offices located in central Seoul. Here, the doctors learned about the history of Korean dentistry and Shinhung’s importance in medical development.

Since 2001, the Shinhung Dental Museum has housed historical gifts, tracing the history of dentistry back 100 years.