title SID2016 HELLO GBR a massive success
date 2016.08.29
-Yearly event is highly anticipated, high attendance rate, enthusiasm for speakers
-Experience implant products; LunaS, SolaS, Bite Impression Coping, DV World
-Registration fee donated to dental schools, Clinical Poster Awards, exceptional symposium

In what is becoming a yearly tradition, SID2016 HELLO GBR at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel on August 28th was a huge success. Focusing on ‘High Success, Evidence Based, Long Standing, Less Stressed, Optimized GBR’ the symposium consisted of several hours of lectures, case studies, and debates helping to improve everyone’s clinical knowledge of GBR.

The organizing committee was headed by Dr. Gyu-Sung Cho (Yonsei University) and met monthly to prepare the symposium. The other committee members were Dr. MuGyeong Sung (Mokdong Dental), Dr. NamSik Oh (Inha University), Dr. DoYoung Kim (Kim& Jeon Dental), Dr. NamYoon Kim (Kim NamYoon Dental), Dr. HyunJong Kim (Gaya Dental), Dr. SunJae Kim (Gangnam Severance Hospital), Dr. JungChul Park (Dankook University), Dr. JongHyuk Jung (Kyunghee University), Dr. SoonJung Hwang (Seoul National University), and Dr. SungKyun Kim (Seoul National University).

Main Lecture

The first 100 minute discussion consisted of Dr. UiWon Jung (Yonsei University) and Dr. MuGyeong Sung speaking about short, narrow implants with GBR and ridge splitting. During the discussion, Dr. SoonJung Hwang and Dr. SunJae Kim sat on the panel, while Dr. JongHyuk Jung acted as moderator.

The next debate was Dr. DoYoung Kim, Dr. NamYoon Kim, and Dr. Yong-Deok Kim discussing ways of dealing with complications during cases. Here, Dr. SungKyun Kim moderated while Dr. GyuSung Cho, Dr. MuGyeong Sung, and Dr. NamSik Oh were on the panel.

As in prior years, this year had aspects of electronic voting, allowing the audience to state their perceptions immediate prior to and after the debate. For one question, the speakers were so impressive, the audience changed its opinion on how best to deal with a narrow ridge.

While the debates too place during the afternoon sessions, the morning sessions were comprised of lectures. Section 1 had lectures titled “GBR Recipes for Clinical Situations,” “Soft Tissue Management for GBR,” and “Is submerged healing essential in GBR?” This section enabled participants to learn the GBR basics. Section 2 had more advanced topics including “Maxillary Sinus, What on Earth are you?”, “Innovative Design of Implant Cutting Edge,” and “The Simplest and Easiest Method for Implant Impressions with the Bite Impression Coping.”


SID2016 Clinical Poster awards

As in the previous year, dentists and dental students were asked to submit their clinical posters to the committee, with prizes being awarded including: Grand Prize, First Prize, and Excellence. This year’s winner was Dr. HyunJun Jung from Yonsei Hill Dental. Five other participants received first prize and 10 were awarded for excellence. The winning posters will be compiled into a book that will be released later this year.


Registration Fee Donation

Each year Shinhung charges the doctors a small fee to attend SID. All of this is then donated to the 11 dental schools in Korea. SID2016 and the ATC Implant Annual Meeting raised a total of KRW 41,420,000, all of which will be used to help future students in their studies. Kyunghee University Dental Hospital Director YoungKuk Park stated “This donation will be used for the development of dental education.”


DV World and DV Supporters

In addition to the lectures, SID attendees have the opportunity to walk around DV World and view all of the products Shinhung is currently offering. The LunaS, SolaS, and Bite Impression Coping ensured the implant booth was constantly crowded. Other products included the Shofu “DENTURE LINER,” the precious metal brand GOLDENIAN, and the temporary aluminum crown SLU:CAP. The DV Supporters were at all of these booths, giving the visitors the opportunity for a hands-on session with an actual clinician. Each of the DV Supporters uses Shinhung products in their practice and has the ability to explain its uses and advantages in true clinical situations.