title Receiving recognition abroad SID becomes truly international
date 2016.08.29
-SID2106 Precongress, SID2016, SID2016 CE, 24 CE credits awarded to participants

Shinhung Implant Dentistry (SID) has been confirmed as a top tier international symposium with the SID2016 Precongress and SID2016 Continuing Education course offering 24 CE credits to the attending American dentists. This was the first year of the expanded SID, and the symposium will continue to grow.

The precongress introduced the attending foreign dentists to the Shinhung Implant System through an explanation of its design and clinical examples of its use, by one of those responsible for its design, Dr. MooGyeong Sung. Being part of the development team, Dr. Sung was able to share the best ways to use the LunaS’s unique shape and make sure its advantages are utilized.

Following Dr. Sung was Dr. HyunJong Kim, who spoke about the product he helped to design, the renowned SIS Sinus Kit. The focus of his lecture was the use of the Shinhung Hydrolift when preforming both crestal and lateral approach sinus surgery. Just as Dr. Sung was able to, Dr. Kim was able to provide intricate knowledge into the design characteristics and rationale behind them for the Sinus Kit.

The foreign dentists were impressed with both how the lecture increased their understanding of SIS and how they demonstrated the advancement of implants and implantology in Korea.

The day after SID, at the Shinhung Training Center in Seoul, Dr. SangYoon Oh, director of the ATC Implant Institute provided a full day lecture and hands-on seminar specialized in GBR. Despite being short on time, Dr. Oh was able to provide a strong background and clinical case information on each of the areas he considers to be most important when performing GBR. Having seen the severity of the cases Dr. Oh works on, the participants were immediately intrigued and focused on what he was saying.

Those who participated in the symposium through the New York Implant Institute were able to claim CE credits, showing the quality of the lectures they were provided. And with 40 credits every 2 years required in the United States, the 24 credits they received during their trip to Korea will prove invaluable.

Shinhung’s goal is to ensure that SID become a top level symposium, not only in the eyes of domestic dentists, but with dentists from all around the globe. This year was a big leap towards that endeavor.