title Shinhung hosts SID2016 Clinical Poster Award Ceremony
date 2016.08.29
-Various clinical posters on implants, prosthetics, GBR and other topics were entered…. 1 grand prize, 5 top prizes, and 10 awards for excellence selected
-SID Organizing Committee selected awards through an impartial process, selecting those posters suitable of an international symposium


During SID2016 at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul, Shinhung held its associated Clinical Poster Awards Ceremony. This year there were over 60 posters submitted, each based on a clinical study or case research.

A total of 16 awards where handed out with Dr. HyunJun Jung from Yonsei Hill Dental being selected as the Grand Prize sinner. Top prize winners included dental resident SeoYoen Choi (Kyunghee University), dental resident JunBum Lee (Seoul National University), dental resident DongJun Kim (Yonsei University), dental resident JiYeon Kim (Dankook University), and dental resident HyunGu Kang (Gangneung-Wonju University).

Dr. HyunJun Jung won his top prize with a clinical case involving the Luna S titled “Shinhung Luna S multiple implantation simultaneous submerged and non-submerged GBR.” Dr. Jung elaborated, stating “I typically use the Luna S in my clinical cases, and took this poster contest as an opportunity to share my results and get feedback from those in attendance.”

Several of the top prize winners said they felt the symposium was more focused on the academic aspects of the lectures than standard conferences. They also said they enjoyed the opportunity to view the diverse clinical cases and new operational techniques.

As in previous years, the winners were selected by a strict and impartial judging process, selecting those posters suitable for an international symposium. The judging committee consisted of Dr. NamSik Oh, Dr. JungChul Park, Dr. JongHyung Jung, Dr. SunJai Kim, and Dr. HyunJong Kim. Evaluation criterial included research quality, topic selection, research completion, and preparation. Judging committee Chairman Dr. NamSik Oh said “We blindly examined each entry, and this year there were many quality entries which makes me very proud.”

The award winners will be published in the SID2016 Clinical Posters book. More information can be found at